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Monday, October 30, 2006

Different Priorities

Under a quickly setting sun, I managed to squeeze in a workout before it got too dark. I went on the trails along the IBM Executive Briefing Center and headed into Tallman State Park. It was probably a bit foolish to attempt a run alone on unfamiliar trails while it was getting dark, but I felt on living a bit on the wild side. I figured I could always navigate by staying on the path and if I got hurt and couldn’t make it back on my own, I could always use my cell phone to call a colleague and setup a search and rescue mission.

It was nice to be alone and in the woods. I passed a couple of deer and a raccoon and I was the only person around. I went out to do a 6 mile loop, but at about the 2.5 mark, the trail became confusing, so instead of floundering around looking for where to go, I just started to back track it home. At this point, someone who saw me getting ready to go for a run back at the hotel, decided to go and caught up to me. We ran a few short paces, to see if we can pick up the trail. What we found seemed to lead us done a rocky slope and we figured tackling it now, with the sun below the horizon would be ill advisable.

I will have to do this run again tomorrow morning. It was so nice to run on trails and hearing the dirt crunch under your feet. Plus the ground is easier on my legs and I didn’t even notice my recent ankle problems.

When I returned from my run, I ate a couple of chocolate chip cookies for a recovery meal. It was all I had in my room and dinner wasn’t being served for a while. I showered quickly, dressed again and then went out to the lounge area to socialize and drink with my coworkers. I couldn’t find anyone to agree that Beer is a good post-workout recovery drink. I took it with a vitamin, so it should be ok.

After drinking and talking for a while, we all headed down to the dining hall. It was buffet style meals and you could slop onto your plates all the food you can eat. I ate a normal sized amount of food. My food consumption was somewhat limited by the 3 previous beers poured into my stomach. We bullshitted at the dinner table for a while and then excused ourselves to hang out in the Sports Bar at another location in the facility.

At this point I just sort of listened in and perked up when I heard something that sparked my interest. I was kind of getting tired and just wanted to head back to my room. On the one hand I wanted to make sure I got enough rest to do my workout in the morning. But on the other hand, I felt that I was missing out on all the games and socializing that was going on. I stayed for a while, but in the end I just wasn’t feeling it. The tradeoff of drinking all night and playing games with my coworkers was just too divergent from what I need to do in order to keep my training in check and satisfying. It was kind of hard to leave when you hear groups starting to shout and have fun. I couldn’t enjoy that though as I didn’t feel pulled into the moments. It was not enough of a draw to keep me from missing out on a workout in the morning. I guess I just have different priorities.


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