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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Pain in the Ankle

This pain in the ankle is becoming a real pain in the ass. I was able to run just over 8 miles today, but towards the end I started to feel my ankle acting up. Fortunately, I was able to make it home without any shooting pains going through it, but the way it felt was definitely sub-optimal. I guess on the brighter side of things, at least I was able to run. I guess that means if I give it enough time to heal, I’ll eventually be able to run pain free. My fear is that it will never heal and my running days are over.

I definitely needed to get out and run today. After a full week of absolutely nothing, other than being a couch jockey, I was being to feel very out of shape and stale. When I first started running, I felt awful and rusty. Eventually I started feeling better and began to enjoy the run; that is until I started to feel my ankle acting up. This really sucks. It makes me start thinking about amputation as a viable option.


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