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Sunday, October 29, 2006

IBM Palisades

I am on the road again traveling. This time I am up and the IBM Palisades Executive Briefing Center off of route 9W; about 2 miles north of the NY State line. I must have passed this place a hundred times during my bike rides up route 9W to Bear Mountain. I should have ridden my bike here today, but it would have been difficult carrying all my crap with me. I would have needed a bicycle trailer. At least I have a nice little view outside my window. Supposedly there is a nice 1.5 mile running trail along the grounds. I’ll find out tomorrow morning.

I got my last longish run before the NYCM today. 7.4 miles around Prospect Park. I can’t imagine how many times I ran around that park. I should have my ashes scattered over it after I die. It was chilly and very windy. The wind blew against me just as I started to climb the hill. Nothing like a little bonus resistance while training.

I am supposed to be here over Halloween, which is quite an annoyance to me. I’ve not missed one Halloween with my children since they were born. It’s been an annual tradition that I pick the up from school in my costume and see how many kids I can scare. Most of the kids are just amused, but some of them get totally freaked out. I’ll have to try to get back to the city to go trick or treating and then make it back up to finish my conference. Speaking of which, its time for me to go and check into it.


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