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Friday, November 10, 2006

Drinking to 50

Thursday, November 9

I ran for just shy of 30 minutes or about 3.4 miles. I was still feeling the after effects of being so cold at the marathon, so I had overdressed this morning's temps. I got overheated pretty quickly and was really hungry (I didn't eat well last night, but did drink) so just decided to bag it after a little more than my 2.5 mile loop rather than get stuck on the other side of the park.

For a while after completing the loop I stood wondering whether I should continue on for 5. It was a real big internal debate whether I should force myself through it or take it easy. The conflict was that I knew I'd be going through a lot worse at the JFK 50, so if I can't suck it up now, how can I expect to do 50 miles. I started to continue on, but after a few more steps just said fuck it... I was hungry and hot and I just felt like cooling off and eating.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Thursday night saw me out drinking with some former coworkers. It was the second night in a row I went out and drank. I am on a streak, because I also went out this evening and downed a few. I seem to be doing ok with that though, as I ran well this morning and I feel fine now. I guess drinking beer is helping me with my carbohydrate replenishing.

This morning’s run was quite enjoyable. It was cool, but not too cold and a pleasant breeze was in the air. The lake in Prospect Park was a lovely mirror image of the trees and sky behind it. I am quite pleased with the picture I took of myself in front of it. The shadow that appears on half my face reminds me of the episode from Star Trek where two beings whose faces are split black and white (only on opposite sides), battle each other to death.

I am feeling good for the JFK 50. I think this race is going to be a lot of fun. My only real goal is to finish it, even though I am trying to predict how long I will do it in. It makes me smile to think of how difficult completing this race can potentially be. I can picture myself doing the race in abject misery, but nonetheless pushing on. I haven’t looked forward to a race like this in quite a while.


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