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Monday, August 14, 2006

Should Have Stayed in Bed

I hate when I go out for a workout and feel like shit. It tells me I should have just stayed in bed and gotten some extra rest. I guess my legs were tired from my workouts over the weekend. Why I should be so tired is beyond me, since I’ve had much bigger weekends, but maybe I am still recovering from Lake Placid; or maybe I’ve lost all my fitness in the 3 weeks since Lake Placid has passed.

Anyway, I am looking towards a big weekend coming up. I am doing the Breezy Point 5K on Sunday and the plan is to run to the start in Coney Island and run home after the race. It should be an interesting day, especially if I get tired during the swim and swept out into the ocean. I will try to avoid that from happening though.

Hopefully, this week will be easy and relaxed. I am going on vacation with the family next week to the Lake George area and I am looking forward to relaxing for a change. I’ll probably bring my bike with me to at least pay lip service towards keeping an exercise routine going. I’ll just have to see how I feel. At least I know if I do ride the scenery will be nicer than I had yesterday. I didn’t realize how ugly some parts of Long Island can be, especially Hempstead LI. The place was so ugly looking that I could feel all the energy of my spirit and soul being sucked out of me. Maybe that is why I am so tired today.


Blogger RunderWoman said...

lol. I went to Hofstra. Hempstead is the opposite of "scenic."

4:30 PM  

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