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Thursday, August 17, 2006

My Treo 700W

My Palm Treo 700W is without a doubt the biggest piece of shit excuse for a phone/PDA ever created by mankind. This device is something that only a true masochist could love. This infernal piece of shit drops call, freezes, craps out and malfunctions without warning. Actually, a crisis that requires you to use the device should serve as a warning because inevitably, this is when the phone is at its worst.

I guess it’s really my own fault for believing that Microsoft can program an operating system as basic as making a phone work, when its flagship products are themselves buggy and faulty pieces of shit. How they can botch up something as simple as cell phone operation defies all logic and reason. Stay away from this phone at all costs unless you relish in your suffering.

I know I like to suffer through long sessions of physical training, but working with this phone is ridiculous.


Blogger Brooklyn said...

This was a very funny post, in a Lewis Black kind of way. Thanks for today's laugh!

11:12 PM  

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