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Thursday, July 21, 2005


I am in Lake Placid and as soon as I got into my hotel room, I felt this big heavy weight hanging over me. I am not too concerned about it though, as I am pretty sure the architects of this hotel engineered it to withstand the forces of all the parked cars above me.

My hotel room is literally under my car, along with a dozen or so other vehicles. It is the Hilton’s waterfront rooms and I have a door in my room that leads me right out onto Mirror Lake. Last night I was treated to the reflection of the full moon reflecting off the lake, right into my room. This morning, I was presented with mist coming off of the lake, diffusing the rising sun’s rays. Both vistas were quite beautiful.

This morning I am torn with the decision to walk to the Gatorade swim and then swim 1 mile back to my room, or vice versa. The only problem with both scenarios is that it will be difficult to walk back or I won’t be able to swim back with my Gatorade swag. Perhaps I can swim to the start with a pair of flip flops tucked into my wetsuit and then walk back.

I didn’t actually sleep well last night. My son wanted to sleep with me and he is such a twisty turning sleeper. I am just as likely to have his arm plop over my face as I am to have his feet smash me in the nose. If I am going to get a decent night’s sleep before the race, I’ll have to make sure he sleeps in another bed.

I am pretty sure I packed everything I need for the race. So far I discovered only one item that I forgot, but that wasn’t critical. I did almost forget my helmet.

My parents are here with me this time around. Hopefully, they won’t be too loud and obnoxious and cause me embarrassment. The other day my wife told me that my mother (step mother), told her that my father gave her some number to call in the event he should die. Evidently he has not been feeling too well lately and is perhaps thinking that he is about to croak. The thought creeps me out and I wish there was something that I could say to him about it. He has always been private about his feelings and would not engage me in conversation should I bring the subject up to him. At least I will get to spend some quality time with him for the next few days. I love my father, but we haven’t really been bonded together for quite some time. I am a lot like him in many ways and different in so many others.

I hope I will always be very close to my children and involved in their lives throughout adulthood. I would love to do races and other events with them on a regular basis. My friend Larry is doing this year’s IMLP with his daughter Larissa. I can’t think of how it gets better than that. Endurance sports are one of the few activities where father and child can compete on the same playing field.

Should it happen to pass in the future, where I am sick and dying, I want it to be known that if one of my children are about to compete in an event that they have been preparing, they should continue with their event. I want them to celebrate their lives and remember mine while they are pursuing an activity they love.


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