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Friday, July 15, 2005

Lane of the Dead

A friend of mine compared the swim start of a triathlon to swimming with a bunch of Zombies. In a way he is correct. You have hundreds of people all flailing their arms, kicking a grabbing from every direction, in sort of a mindless fashion.

I thought of his comments as I did my swim this morning. I felt as though my 50 meter lane was invaded by a swarm of Zombies that could barely function, much less swim. I love the 50 meter lane; however the pool is setup with only 3 of them for swimming at the time of day I go to the pool. This means that the slow swimmers invade the medium and fast lanes.

It wouldn’t be so bad, if only they would yield the lane when they reached the wall, or at least move over when you tap their toes. These slow swimmers are in a zombie like state and don’t realize that etiquette dictates that they should be accommodating to faster swimmers. I was kicked, grabbed and given withering looks. It was perfect preparation for IMLP.


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