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Monday, June 27, 2005

Long Course Paradise

Today the pool at Asphalt Green was configured for 50 meter swimming. I love swimming long course and I had the added pleasure of having the lane to myself for almost my entire 4700 meters. I did a steady race pace swim for the entire set, counting off my distance at the end of each 100 meter.

My shoulders are a bit fatigued now as I recall my swim while riding the M31 bus to my office on 57th and Madison. I managed to steal some wireless internet access while at a bus stop and was even able to check my mail.

After my swim I ran four miles. I went to Central Park and ran to the 72nd street transverse. I ran a few 30 second efforts at a fast effort (it was supposed to be sub 7 minute mile pace), but my legs were feeling as thick as the humid air.

I sent an email to my coach yesterday stating that I suddenly feel very unprepared for Lake Placid. I don’t think my run is where I want it to be and I feel as though I’ve been slacking on my swimming. Perhaps this is why he gave me 3 swim sessions this week with a distance of 4750 yards. I went 4700 meters today as penance for slacking off on the swim the previous few weeks.

My coach’s reply to my fears of inadequacy for Lake Placid were as follows:

I suspect that your preparation is better than it has been at any time in the past two years. Your nervousness is due to not feeling run down, exhausted (any longer) and over your head.

You'll be fine. We'll get one (maybe two) long runs in, and start you resting and recovering from all your training.

I hope he is right. My last couple of runs in race day situations was horrid; at least as far as I am concerned. I am a better runner than I have been racing; I am just waiting for my “A” game to show up on race day.


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