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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

12 hours

(Sent via email to Coach@slb-coaching.com)

Neil –

I had several strong workouts over the past 12 hours. Last night I did the brick like you told me to, even though you cancelled it for everyone else. I don’t know what it was, but I was unusually fast on the bike, with a relatively low HR. My loop splits were almost all sub 10 minutes and it felt very easy. See Table A.

I thought about bailing out on the run, since it was getting late (after 7:20pm), but I felt really good and went for it. My legs didn’t feel fast, but I felt good. I ran comfortably. I was probably a bit slower than usual, because I met a friend who runs slowly, so I just ran with him. See Table B.

This morning, I started out with the 4750 swim. I completed it without any problems and I felt very good in the water. I was pleasantly surprised, because I got to bed after 9:30pm last night and was in the water at 5:41am. I miss-counted one of my 500’s so I made up a 50 at the end. See Table C.

When I started my run to Central Park for the 4x1miles, my legs felt very slow. This has been sort of a pervasive feeling in my legs lately. The run turned out ok, but I definitely didn’t feel fast. It was a bit of a struggle to keep my pace high. I ran slightly over distance. My first to mile sprints were from EG to 72nd Street Transverse. I waited until my HR dropped to 60% before I headed back for the second. The next two were done on the reservoir, with an easy pace run from the 1 mile mark to the start between the miles. See Table D.




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