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Friday, July 08, 2005

Short Bus Slow

I missed my workout today. This was necessitated by the fact that my ride to the pool bailed out on me and I was forced to drive myself to the pool and return home in time for my wife to use the car to take the kids to day camp. I wasn’t left with enough time to run in the morning, although I hoped to get a run in the early afternoon.

This was not to be, as I got out of work later than I hoped and I had to pick the kids up from camp. I could have run at 5pm, but that would have given me less than 12 hours to recover for a difficult workout tomorrow. I hate when I miss workouts. I feel like such a failure. I really shouldn’t, especially since my coach gave me a pass to skip it.

My swim this morning was good. I felt very strong in the water. The only downside to my swim was that the pool was a bit crowded and the medium speed lanes were invaded by slow swimmers. At first I used the slow lane, since no one else was using it. I guess the slow swimmers felt it a stigma to be swimming in a lane marked slow. For all I care, the lane could have been marked “Retards Only”; as long as it was clear, I would want the least crowded lane. Perhaps the people in the Medium lane really are “Slow”, as in short bus slow.

All was fine, until midway into my workout; an older woman entered my lane and made of point of stopping me to ask if I would move over to the next lane. I explained that it was crowded with snorkel bearing, fin flapping detritus than swam with the speed of sludge in clogged pipes. However, I was kind and obliged her.

I did figure though that one good turn deserves another, so when a particularly slow snorkler approached the wall after I passed her, I asked if she wouldn’t mind swimming in the slow lane. From her reaction, you would have thought I asked her if I could check her pulse because she was moving so slow. Truth be told, she was moving slower than a floater down the East River. After a few more words were exchanged, the older woman who started this whole menagerie (by asking me to move), came upon us. I told her “you see what I have to deal with?” She shook her head in u


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