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Sunday, July 17, 2005

One Week to Go

I think I may have hope for my son to be a Triathlete. Today in our small backyard pool, I found a game that he particularly relished. I tossed in the water a handful of quarters and told him to try to find them. He took off underwater plucking the quarters off the bottom like a treasure hunter scuba diving in the deep sea.

Previous to this day, he was always reluctant to let his face, much less his body, go underwater. The prospect of acquiring the money from the bottom of the pool proved irresistible and it appears that he is on his way to becoming a swimmer. He already likes to ride his bike and always wants to race me down the block when we are out for a walk.

I will be very happy if my son truly does want to become a triathlete. It is something that we can seriously pursue together. I look forward to the days that he is able to accompany on his bicycle while I go for a long run around Prospect Park. He has been mentioning the Ironman several times lately and I think he is beginning to become interested in what it is all about.

Speaking of Ironman, only one week remains for me to get ready for Ironman Lake Placid. This means doing whatever I can to remain injury free and illness free. For some reason this appears as though it will be tougher than it should be. In the past few days, I stubbed my big toe tremendously hard, scratched the bottom of my feet, and banged my shins. I don’t know if I am being hyper sensitive to injury or if something is in the air.

Today I am having a pre Placid Ironman shindig. Only a few friends from my local triathlete minded environs will be attending. I do not think my wife is too happy with this gathering. She is very far removed from my Ironman and endurance obsessed world. I believe her opinion is that we are all obsessively compulsive and can’t understand why someone would want to put them through such grueling events.

I am unable to explain the appeal of doing such races. I guess I just feel more alive when I am suffering through a race, or get that endorphin flow when I finish a good workout. I guess part of it is a feeling of satisfaction and pride to know that you can do what many others can’t or won’t. It is like I am attacking my life, instead of letting it pass before me.


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