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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Heat Acclimating, NYC Style

The weather in NYC has been very hot and humid over the past couple of days. This presented me with the perfect opportunity to heat acclimate for Ironman USA Lake Placid in NYC style. I am doing this by wearing a suit, jacket and tie as I am required to do so for proper business attire.

As I walked along the streets of Manhattan and through the subway tunnels, I wore my jacket with my collar buttoned and my tie on properly. This was in contrast to most men on the street that are walking around with open collars, tie-less and jacketless. I will admit that my shirt sleeves are a bit damp from sweat, but the rest of my shirt is relatively dry, thanks to the cotton t-shirt I am wearing underneath it.

Personally, I feel that the discomfit I feel from the heat and humidity is more than made up for the pleasure I get from seeing all the young women walk around in summer attire. I am always amazed at what passes for proper attire on women during the summer months. The fairer sex it appears, gets to wear hardly anything.


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