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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Encouragement from ST - a conversation by email.

From: "Beast"
To: "ST"
Subject: Re: Hey Beast
Date: Wed, 6 Apr 2005 23:30:33 -0400

ST -

Thank you for your words. They meant a lot to me. I needed the reassurance that I am a good father while still pursuing my own hopes and dreams. I was so crushed this morning right through most of the flight. I just wanted to go back home. I was handling the kids ok; it was my father's comments that put me over the top.

Not to worry though since the race environment is starting to filter into my mind. Worries of home are starting to take second stage and I am beginning the process of getting ready mentally in earnest. The temperature is warm, in the 80's but very brutal when the sun is out. My calves started to get burned just from walking around Ironman Village. I am glad I tried to heat acclimate before I left.

I finally went for a run around 5pm this evening. I figured I would take it easy, so I didn't bring any water with me. Bad mistake. As soon as I got about 1 mile into it, I was dying of thirst. The afternoon warmth and sun is still very strong. Hydrating with proper amounts of electrolytes will be the key to this race.

InsideOutSports took very good care of my bike. It was the right decision to have them handle the unpacking and setup. I am also glad I came in today. Most of the athletes it appears haven't arrived yet. I encountered no lines for anything, including IOS or at registration. Tomorrow is the last day to register, so I imagine it will be much more crowded.

I checked out the lake. It looks like one giant skid stain. It has the same color as the water from the pictures of the flooded communities in New Jersey. I don't care though, I can swim through anything.

I will take some pictures tomorrow, provided I remember to take my camera out of the hotel room.


p.s. Be careful not to burn yourself out on the Bear trying to best me. The Bear can be a beast like me.

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From: "ST" <>
To: "Beast"
Sent: Wednesday, April 06, 2005 9:59 PM
Subject: Hey Beast


I just wanted to say I read your recent blogs. In the year that I've known you I've witnessed how very much you love your family not only in your words but in your deeds. Charles, you're a good man. Deep down I believe you know that about yourself, otherwise you'd never be able to do what you do and do it so very well. Sure you juggle a lot, but you are living a life full of love, grace, wisdom, and compassion, and that's really rare in this day and age. Don't doubt that about yourself, ever. You're searching and discovering great things about yourself and the world around you and that is truely as noble as it gets. I believe in you Charles, I really do. Sleep well tonight knowing that your friend Super Todd has a very deep and abiding respect for you.


PS I'm still gonna kick your ass up and down Bear Mountain this summer.


Blogger Derek said...

Dude I discovered your blog a little while back, have been reading with interest and wanted to wish you the best for IMAZ. You've obviously put in tremendous training and made big sacrifices so you could train while meeting family commitments.

Now it's just a question of who wants it the most ... g'luck.

12:41 AM  

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