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Friday, March 25, 2005

Bike Fit

This week I had an appointment with a Bike Fit specialist. This is someone who specializes in fitting a person properly to their bicycle for optimum power and comfort. The entire process took well over 2 hours. I was interviewed, measured, checked for flexibility and asked to spin on my bike many times as my positioning was adjusted. Evidently, a huge demand for this service exists, as I had made my appointment three weeks ago.

The bike fit and changes of equipment to optimize my positioning cost me a small fortune; money I can ill afford. I am throwing away my children’s college education to pursue a dream of suffering along the Kona Lava fields. That is just one more negative thought to battle out of my brain when I am training or racing. I will just tell myself that I am teaching my children the lesson that it is ok to pursue your dreams.

My fit was Wednesday night, the same evening that Mother Nature decided to throw a little spring time snow and sleet storm. That was aggravating as I knew the roads would be terrible in the morning and I wouldn’t be able to get outside to ride the bike with the adjusted fit in the morning. However, I did ride it to 86th and Lexington to catch the subway.

I must have made quite a site. I was wearing my overcoat that I wear to the office, with a large gym bag slung over one shoulder and my helmet and shoes slung in another bag over the other. It wasn’t so bad though as the wind practically blew me all the way to the station. I was glad to get my bike home and in one piece. Riding in such conditions reminded me of when I was a kid and would sneak out of my house on snowy winter nights to go ride my bike. If you have never done it, you should. It is quite a thrill. There is something about riding in a nighttime snowstorm that makes me feel so good. If I didn’t have my bags I would have road all the way home.

This weekend my ride and run are finally shorter. I only have 56 miles on the bike scheduled. I wasn’t sure if this should be a Brick workout, so I called Neil Cook, my coach to clarify it. We got into a discussion about how I was feeling and talked about the days leading up to IMAZ. We ended the conversation with him telling me to get some rest. That is a good idea. I am going to bed now.


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