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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Skip to My Loo

Yesterday’s workout consisted of skipping hill repeats. This is where you literally skip up the hill. It is a strength building exercise. I did a lot of those workouts last year, but this was my first one of this season. I never see anyone else doing them. I can’t imagine why, they are so much fun.

ST ran towards me while I was skipping on my second repeat. He tried to talk me into doing a loop with him instead of continuing up the hill. I refused to let him detour me from completing my scheduled workout. I suspect he was trying to sabotage my training to give him a leg up at this year’s IMLP.

So I did my first five skippy repeats one right after the other. It was starting to get more difficult as time wore on. By the sixth repeat I found myself standing at the bottom of the hill and staring up at it. I was taking some time to contemplate skipping up this damn thing again. It was actually quite nice outside during this time. The sun was shining from behind me, casting a nice long shadow up the hill. The wind was blowing, satisfyingly robbing me of my accumulated body heat. It was really a beautiful and peaceful early springtime scene that I am glad to take a moment to appreciate.

So after standing at the bottom of the hill for several minutes with a goofy smile I my face, I finally talked myself into skipping up it again. My sixth repeat of a scheduled 8, but I had the feeling this would be my last one. I got up the hill in good form, but my HR was not rising as high as it was supposed to. I knew I was done. I grabbing my water bottle from my stash place and ran home.

The following is my message to coach about the workout:

I did a total of 6 skipping repeats. I stopped after 6 as I could no longer get my HR to 85% much less over. My HR max over all repeats was 89%. Perhaps it was just too cold to get it over 90% (95% was just not happening). I did a very slow run home.

The duration for each repeat was approximately 4 minutes up and 4 minutes down. The distance for each repeat was .4M and I figure my total distance today was around 7.8 miles.

The butt kicks on the way down the hill really kicked my butt. I found them much more difficult than skipping.

I am not particularly sore or tired, but I do feel as though I no longer have any muscle fibers left to train. I am afraid that if I do the 8M on Friday, I will fall apart again on Sunday. Should I continue with the plan or should we cut back on the next two days to setup a strong weekend?


Run Stats:
Time: 1:16:15
Dist: 7.8
HR: 141/164
TiZ (155/137): A - 14:03 I - 32:15 B - 29:57 (I stopped several times to contemplate skipping back up the hill).
Calories: 998 (had I known, I would have run another 50 feet).


Blogger Beast said...

The author states for the record that he did not think ST was trying to sabotage his training. He was just trying to get a rise out of his friend.

3:50 PM  

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