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Sunday, March 13, 2005

The Hopeful Cellphone

As I sit here on my porcelain throne reflecting over my past week, I recall how I was oddly inspired by my cellphone one morning. I was in the basement locker room where I swim each morning and as I glanced at my cellphone I noticed the word “Searching….” Usually when I see my cellphone searching for a signal I am extremely frustrated. This oftentimes happens while I am out in the open and people all around me are blathering recklessly into their own phones.

However, this morning I found the “Searching…” message so hopeful. Here my phone has no chance of receiving a signal, but it continues to search for one regardless. It was as if no one was going to tell it that searching for a signal was futile and that it should just give up. This phone was going to continue to search for a signal no matter where it was and nothing was going to stop it from doing so. Such a single-mindedness of purpose! What might someone be able to accomplish if they were to be as focused on a goal such as my phone?

I have decided to keep my phone’s “Searching…” message in my thoughts as I continue my own quest towards achieving a spot at the 2005 Kona, Hawaii Ironman Championship. I am going to continue to search for my spot at this holy grail of races with my own single-mindedness, regardless of how outside factors say that this is impossible. I will be like my cellphone struggling to break through the steel, metal, concrete and glass in search for my own signal. If my cellphone can have hope of getting a signal in that basement, then I can have hope of getting my Kona spot. After all, “Nothing is Impossible.”


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