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Saturday, March 05, 2005

From Awful to Wonderful

So what can I say about today’s workout? It started out awful as I felt really crappy. After 15 minutes though, I felt great. I probably could have done an Ironman today. I rode 86.5 miles in an elapsed time of 5:05:00. I am not sure of the ride time. I had a few bathroom breaks and cellphone breaks.

I had a 7:15 transition to the run. I ran for 4 miles in 34:50. I was scheduled for a 2-3 mile brick, but I was just feeling too good and the day was too nice to pass it up. Besides, last year I felt the thing I missed in my training was longer brick work.

I had no remarkable pain in my usual problem areas. In other words, everything felt great. The first 5 minutes of the run was a little rough, but I smoothed out soon enough. I did notice that my HR while running started to go over 85% max HR for a relatively slow pace. I am fairly certain this was because I was slightly dehydrated. I am not sure what I could have done to prevent this situation, given the winter training conditions. No water fountains and there is only so much liquid you can carry while training for just under 6 hours.

Here are the vital stats:

Total time: 5:47:05 – This is elapsed time.
HR: 139/160
TiZ1 (155/137): A – 0:09:08, I – 3:49:26, B – 1:48:31
TiZ2 (148/130): A – 1:10:04, I – 3:37:14, B – 0:49:08
Calories: 4526

Right now I am resting on my couch hoping my digestion goes well. So far so good, but I do hear some rumbling in my stomach. I ate oatmeal with honey, whey protein and soy milk. Plus I took some BCAA’s, HMB, Glutamine, multivitamin and Tissue Rejuvenator for recovery. GI discomfit is very mild right now, but then again I am not moving a muscle other than my finger muscles to type.


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