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Sunday, February 20, 2005

The Dead Arm

I am back off to bed now. I woke up after finding this warm dead arm in my bed. Fortunately, it was attached to my body. I just didn't realize it was mine, since I slept on it funny and completely lost all sensation in it for a while. For the first minute or two, it was really cool playing with it - lifting it up and letting it plop down, whacking it into the headboard, etc. as it completely had no feeling. I even started to jerk off, since I had no feeling in my hand, it was like someone else was doing it for me. Then I made the connection that it was a male hand, which freaked me out with a homophobic moment. But alas, all fun must come to an end and I spent the next 5 minutes trying not to move a muscle while the nerve endings woke up so as to limit that crazy pins and needles feeling.


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