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Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Email to/from Kirsten

I guess you guys will have no problem surviving in a fallout shelter during a nuclear holicaust. Make sure that you have duct tape around, and you will be square.
Yeah, what is that stunt all about? I haven't been watching the news or anything for the past few days, so I am out of the loop with that family in an SUV story. Best case scenario, when 20/20 comes to film your story, you can give a tour to the last liveable room saying that your family lived and ate there for weeks while the construction kicked into high gear. That will surely endear you to the public.
Oh, no. did the exterminator really come right after you aborted a black fetus? yuck....the poor man. All he wants to do is get rid of messes and not step into them. Now that they have found Saddam, he is going to rat you out that he has been hiding his weapons of mass destruction up your bumhole.

"Olson, Charles" wrote:
> Ah, school. Something I will never ever do again.
> It has been a bit tight lately. Last night we all ate in the room
> upstairs. All we need is a bathroom in it and would could stay in
> there forever. Probably not as bad as the family living in a Nissan
> SUV on 43rd and 7th Ave as a publicity stunt. At least though they
> can drive it around.
> It was probably also a good thing you weren't around today. I
> rendered the toilet in the basement bathroom useless today. What came
> out of me was thicker than my forearm. I don't know how it was
> possible, but I swear it was that thick. I even started flushing the
> toilet while it was being born, but the thing was so tremendous that I
> doubt if the toilet had the pressure of a raging fire hose that it
> would have made any difference.
> To top matters off, the exterminator came by and headed straight for
> the basement before I had a chance to call roto-rooter (The
> professionals were required for this one). He remarked that the
> lingering smell was more than enough to eliminate any unwanted pest
> that may crawl between walls. He was so impressed that he not only
> offered me a job, but he offered me partnership in the business if I
> would join him and use my fecal powers for pest elimination pest in
> some of the cities buildings with out of control rodent problems.


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