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Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Email to/from Kirsten #1

I 've got my sleeping bag hidden away in the closet. The leaves sound very organic though. Perhaps I can distract from the smell of your gas.

", C" wrote:
> No, no production. Feel free to come over. Let me know. If I can't
> find another blanket for you, I'll go to the backyard and grab a
> bundle of leaves for you. I understand a large enough pile can keep
> you warm, plus they probably smell nice.
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Kirsten [mailto:Kirsten.]
> Sent: Wednesday, December 03, 2003 3:08 PM
> To: C
> Subject: Re: Idea for a new business
> wow, that would be a nice money maker. Now, how would that person be
> able to maintain their attention? It would have to be tailored
> specifically to client's needs. VC backing...well, perhaps I
> can help you out with that. I have been sleeping with this new Ibanker who
> would gladly back an
> endeavor that I put on the table.
> I have to admit that lifeguard story takes the cake....and the $21.
> I mean, how ridiculous. I think that if he ever asks again, you
> should report him to his boss. That is not professional. Perhaps he
> is a crackhead. You could end up on one of those adverts that shows your
> picture and a caption saying
> "I buy crack regularly"
> Granted it is the Y, but you should not feel like you should have to do
> that.
> As for tonight...I was planning on staying these next two nights. But
> if it is going to be a production, you guys certainly don't need that
> at the moment.
> "C" wrote:
> > I just had an idea for a new business. In short it is like this...
> >
> > Say you have to call someone (either to return their call or for
> > whatever
> > reason) and you really don't want to speak to them and just hope to get
> > their voicemail. Well, this business would be a service that you could call
> > to get someone who is an expert in getting someone on the phone and
>> keeping them on it for a long period of time. Then when you get the green
> > light that the person is engaged in a telephone call, you can call
> > with the assurance that you would go into the person's voice mail.
> >
> > Enhanced services could be for when the person has a cell phone,
> > office phone, etc. You would pay extra to have this company tie up
> > all of the person's lines so that you would get voice mail, no
> > matter which number
> you
> > tried. This way it can appear that you desperately tried to reach
> > this person by leaving Voice mail on all of their numbers.
> >
> > As you work at Morgan Stanley, I am leaving it up to you to get
> > venture funding capital for this business. I am sure you have
> > plenty of inside connections by now. If not, then you have just not
> > been sleeping with enough of the bigwigs. But since you haven't
> > been back to Brooklyn lately, perhaps this is just what you are doing...in that case GOOD JOB!
> >
> > Tell them we only require initial capitalization of 500,000 to
> > 1,000,000 for what I am sure will be a many times return on investment. I'll
> > expect the check shortly. You are of course 50-50 partners with me,
> > even though I have done the hard part in conceiving the idea in the first place.


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