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Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Inconsiderate Pregnant Woman (by email)

Well, you were there. I merely attempted objectivity in my answer. You have clarified, and therefore, preggers deserves to never have a seat postpartum again. Her husband shall be cursed to a lifetime of corns.

"C" wrote:
> How can preggers not have seen me especially when I was standing next
> to her comfortably unloaded feet? More importantly how could she have
> forgotten my compassionate seat giving when it occurred only two stops
> previous - a total of no more than 10 minutes? I attribute it more to
> selfishness than to forgetfulness or oversight.
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Kirsten [mailto:Kirsten@.com]
> Sent: Wednesday, November 19, 2003 12:39 PM
> To: C
> Subject: Re: NY life.
> Dear Discombobulated Decorum:
> This is a tough situation where the rules of etiquette fall into the
> gray area. Since you did eschew the comfort of a subway seat for the
> pregnant woman, she should recognize that and not invite her own
> guests to sit down. It would be as if you invited an aquaintance to dinner
> and they brought 30 of
> their closest friends and you missed out on the grub that you prepared. You
> should always be gracious
> in accepting the generosity of strangers. Therefore, unless her husband
> suffered from sympathy
> pregnancy, he was not entitled to a seat.
> This verdict however, still lies in the gray area. Perhaps she did
> not see you leaning in for the sit down. If her movements were
> calculated and all for the procurement of a seat for her compassionate
> counterpart, then she should have been made to stand and risk the health of
> her unborn child. Shame
> on her greedy husband. This couple most likely and knowingly knocked over a
> blind man on the way to
> the train. Preggers partners in crime, these two owe their bunyonfree feet
> to the kindness of
> strangers. If preggers did not see you, then you need to stop being so
> sensitive.
> "C" wrote:
> > Here is the scenario... A seat on the subway becomes available that
> > is closest to the door. I go to sit just as a pregnant woman walks
> > on the train, so I get back up to let her sit. A couple of stops
> > later, the seat next to her opens up. I was going to take it when
> > she suddenly slides
> over
> > to let her husband sit down in her seat. Is this rude or what?
> >
> > So now while I am annoyed and still standing, I happen to notice the
> > BP
> (the
> > gas/energy company) ads plastered along the top of the subway car.
> > One of the BP ads stated that they were the largest producers of
> > Natural Gas. I think I can debate them on that point.


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