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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Conversations with QM over IM...

QM: ut?
QM: is idle at 11:06:07 AM
C: You want me?
QM: is no longer idle at 3:08:15 PM
QM: is this a come on?
C: Yes, I've turned gay
C: Men really do know how to give the best blowjobs
QM: ok i have to go now.
QM: thanks, i just puked in my trash can.
C: did I ever direct you to my "The Dead Arm" story on my blog?
QM: yes
C: ok
C: Did you puke anything you don't remember eating?
QM: i'm not having this conversation.
C: I had that happen to me the morning after my bachelor party
QM: eww
C: It wasn't so bad.
C: I found a bunch of cocaine wrapped in a condom that I puked up.
C: Sold it to some yuppie scum later on in the casino and made out with lots of dough.
C: Of course, I am still watching my back for whomever may have given it to me to swallow in the first place.
QM: be thankful it didn't pop in your stomach.
C: It would have been a painfree and sudden death.
C: Unlike my marriage... a slow and painful death.
QM: hahahaha
C: I like this conversation, it is going on my Blog
C: all parties shall remain namless to protect the innocent
QM: tell Juan to stop using caucasions to smuggle drugs.
QM: or was it Escobar?
C: otp with G
QM: fun for you!
C: don't rmember
C: Scarface was so 80's
QM: What was the more recent one? Blow?
C: I think so.
C: I didn't like that one
QM: I didn't like the ending. Why couldn't he just die rich and happy? Is it really necessary to portray drug dealing as a dead end occupation?
C: I don't rmember that
C: Perhaps I didn't see it
C: now you spoiled the ending for me
C: Let me introduce you to my little friend....
QM: uhh...you said you didn't like that one...implying you saw it.
C: Ok, you can have a pass
C: I did say that
C: The blow must have affected my mind
QM: Don't make me send the Yu clan after you.
QM: I think I'll rename them the Yu Tang Clan..
C: ok
QM: signed off at 6:06:05 PM.
QM: signed on at 7:40:09 PM.
QM: signed off at 9:34:04 PM.
QM: signed on at 10:40:47 AM.
QM: signed off at 10:43:11 AM.
QM: signed on at 10:43:36 AM.
QM: signed off at 10:43:46 AM.
QM: signed on at 10:47:14 AM.
QM: let the fun begin again.
C: yup
C: at least I can sit here scratching my balls and no one will know
QM: t will
C: nah, he is too busy scratching his own to notice
C: actually, today, I am not scratching them... Too busy picking at my ass. Terrible hemmoroids lately
QM: ahhh the natural effect of gravity....
QM: bye b
C: I cried when I saw that email
QM: i am still sobbing.
C: It happened just as I accidently sat on the arm of my chair and it rammed into my asshole
C: really fucked up the hemmoroids
QM: maybe you can cap-ex a cushion
C: they are called donuts
QM: good to know.
C: I really feel like calling and hanging up continuously
QM: i dare you.
QM: can we block all emails from eb?
C: She wants to sleep with you
C: dunno
QM: I'd rather sleep with T
C: not likely. She plays on the same team we do
QM: oh...even better.
QM: she's the anchor?
C: anchor?
QM: the heavy person you put at the end of the tug of war line.
C: ah
QM: you know like battle of the network stars. remember that show?
C: yes
C: what about it?
QM: nothing, just thought of it with the anchor description.
QM: i wish we had HD tv back then.
QM: scantly clad stars in the water...
QM: what was the name of the woman from Buck Rogers?
C: dunno
QM: Erin something i think....
QM: you better tell them you aren't going on the trip
C: I did
QM: does this mean i can pass also?
C: just say that you had a vacation planned
QM: i'll tell them i am going to a eating contest.
C: pussy eating
C: ?
QM: i wish...actually nah, i'm to lazy.
C: you don't give your woman head?
QM: only when i have to
QM: hahahahahah Trend doesn't work on 2k3
C: don't tell them
QM: "this is especially important for those who don't actually research things besides virus definitions"
C: probably because she has several of her own
QM: i can't imagine where she would get it from.
QM: sticking a raid controller up her ass?
QM: dollar says the outage is more than 3hours.
QM: nooooooo
QM: fuck
C: huh?
C: I am working on my blog
C: posting our conversation from yesterday
QM: they brought up another subject.. i was hoping the meeting was over
QM: you should include your chair in your ass incident from today.
C: ok
QM: do they really think that anyone is listening?


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