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Thursday, March 17, 2005

The Scent of Spring or is it Something Else?

This morning was the first I have noticed that had a definite scent of spring in the air. It was very cold, but the smell and feel of the air was somewhat different. Spring is definitely arriving, much to my dismay. I prefer the cold to keep everyone indoors. I feel training in the harsh winter weather toughens me up and gives me a competitive advantage.

I felt very strong on my bike, which was pleasing since my workouts have been longer and more intense than usual. This is the last big week before IMAZ. I guess my body has adapted to the training and I am now peaking for the race.

While riding today I let my thoughts kind of wander between hill intervals. I kept thinking about how my good friend and Tri-buddy ST likes to rub it in my face about how much faster of a swimmer he was and will be at the next IMLP.

I find it quite interesting that he likes to do that since he must know that the swim is the least important part of an IM race when it comes to time. Bragging about his supposed superior swim speed is equivalent to him bragging about how much faster he can jerk himself off. That’s all you are doing when it comes to the swim portion of IM. An extra 5 minutes doesn’t amount to much more than a spoonful of jism. (I invite reader response – post a comment).

Here are the details of my workout as described to my coach via email:

N -

I was viciously strong on the bike today. It was a definite Beastlike effort. I decided to do an even dozen repeats instead of 10. I was feeling good and the hill is short so I figured why not.

I think you should start giving my workouts in terms of dozens; such as 1 dozen hill repeats, 1 dozen 100’s in the pool. Somehow I think that expressing in terms of dozens makes the workouts sound more manageable. For instance, would you rather run SIX miles or only ½ dozen miles? Why do 6 when all you need to do is one half? You can even use the term Bakers Dozen. This would be especially useful when you want to give an extra treat. Sort of like the extra candle on the birthday cake for good luck.

Continuing along this train of thought, I think that they should make the Ironman be 144 miles. This way we can do a gross of miles. It just sounds right, especially since to the average person the thought of doing an IM would be gross.

Here are the workout stats:

Time: 1:30:24
HR: 132/158
Dist: 24.6
TiZ: A – 16:10, I – 43:55, B – 30:19
Calories: 1064

The hill just wasn’t long enough to get my HR up to where you wanted it to be.


Home at midday: An account of why to K by email.

K -
I am home right now. I was at work and I thought I had gas. I went to the bathroom to take a leak and pass some when I had that unmistakable feeling.

I don't know how anything could have come out of my rectum as I already took a double dip early this morning. It must have been my breakfast coming out.

There is nothing left inside me now, but I feel as though someone is exploding munitions inside my colon. Ugh.


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