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Friday, March 18, 2005


Hysterics is the word of the day. A further detailed analysis will come forth through further reading. I am going to try to make this entry quick, as I popped two sleeping pills and am likely to fall asleep at any second. I need to wake up at 3am to commence a 100 mile ride and 4M run, all in Prospect Park. That will be 31 loops in total. I have to start early, in order to make a family engagement at 11am on Long Island.

I started my run today in good form. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to run, but I was feeling good. The first hysterical moment of the day came when my old nemesis, the Roadie Cyclist, decided once again he needed to ride in the exact spot where I was running. This was a game we played last year that started when he rode into my shoulder. We’ve been enemies ever since.

So after not seeing each other in months, he decides to let the old war begin by riding up on me and calling me names. I responded by inviting him to step off his bike and say something to my face, but apparently he was disinclined to accept my offer. I let him know that he was a pussy and lacked testicles.

Rather than recant the second moment of hysterics I encountered during the day, I will let an email message I sent to my coach fill you in…..

Via Email - 8:00am
Neil –

As I mentioned yesterday, I wasn’t able to get my swim in this morning, because my ride to the pool bailed out for today. Instead I headed to Prospect Park to do the skipping hill repeats. Let me know if you think I should try to get the swim in later today.

I cut the run a little short, only getting in a total of 7 miles. I had just completed my 5th hill repeat when my cell phone rang. It was my wife calling me, because my daughter just experienced a very traumatic event.

A large water bug/roach had crawled into the pants that she was going to wear today sometime during the night. She only discovered this after she put them on and felt something pointy and itchy against her leg. When she took them off to see what it was, she fell into hysterics. My wife felt it best that I come home to comfort her. Getting in the extra mile really wasn’t an option at that point.

This was just as well, since after my 5th repeat, I knew I was done with the hills. I did this last one in good form, but could tell I didn’t have another good one left in me. I ran home at a very comfortable pace (75% hr), that I felt I could sustain forever. I will be happy if I fall into such a rhythm when I get to the run at IMAZ.

My daughter was still crying when I returned home. It took quite a while to calm her down, and I expect further crying jags throughout the day. Hopefully, they will be minimal and gone by the time she returns from school.

My guts this morning are alright, although I still feel some after effects from yesterday. I’ve already crapped twice today (TMI?). I wasn’t sure about running when I woke up, but once I got outside, I knew I had it in me. The extra rest from yesterday must have prepared me well for today.

Here are the stats for the run:

Time: 1:07:46 (elapsed time)
HR: 146/170
Dist: 7 (or .5 Dz+1)
TiZ(155/137): A – 19:08, I – 32:06, B – 16:32
Calories: 943
Repeat HRs:
139/164 (includes warmup)
134/164 (cooldown)



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