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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Athlete Reflections

In reply to Walter…

Walter -

You had a great race. The problems you had were small and only due to excitment and lack of experience with racing. As you get more confident with racing, you won't make such mistakes.

During the race, I was uncomfortable and miserable for the entire time. However, I knew I was having a good day and felt I nailed it. I couldn't have done it any better. i didn't think I could complete it until I crossed the line with my children.

I did well for my AG, but I knew I wouldn't qualify for Kona, so I didn't stick around. I have no idea how close I would have come. I will be pissed if I find out I gave up a spot.

I already signed up for next year and I will probably sign up for Florida as well.

Right now, I am really struggling to battle off post race depression. I just do not want to be at work right now.

I trained today for the first time since the race. I went out for 3 miles, but I think I only ran about 2 in 25 minutes. No strength in the legs to do much of anything right now. They are not sore, just tired. Maybe I will swim tonight.

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Sent: Tuesday, July 26, 2005 10:27 AM

charles, having time to reflect on this first ironman here r my thoughts. First the swim start was wild and feel confident my swim technique will improve but i was happy with the time. first transition sucked put my top on first before the bib shorts and had to then take everything off and start over. the bike was fairly straight forward. Neil said hold back and i did maybe should of gone a bit harder. neext transition was ok except the volunteer dropped my top with all my pills and nutrition and much to my dismay on mile 1 i realized i had no electrlytes with me.I was able to bum some off someone on the run, but it was few and far between. The splits on run were 2hrs and 3 min and 2hrs and 43 min.I think my wife could of run faster. Overall a fun day and i did cross the line with a smile and the thought of how much faster and better the nent one will be. How close to hawaii did u get?


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