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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Fame and Fortune

I am famous. I made the business section of the New York Post. Word is now officially out that I switched jobs to a major competitor. I feel as though I am living in interesting times. Fortunately, this statement is not a Chinese proverb as common wisdom dictates. My times are interesting, but I am looking forward to them with pleasure, excitement, anticipation and perhaps a touch of nervousness.

It looks like I will be commuting to Long Island for the next several months. I am actually looking forward to that. It will solve a long standing dilemma I’ve had with long weekday bike mileage. I’ve always wanted to commute to work by bike, to get in my weekday bike mileage. I’ve done that to midtown Manhattan on plenty of occasions, but the distance consists of junk miles and too few of them at that. I am hoping the 40 mile ride to Long Island will be good allowing me to mix commuting and training at the same time.

Today’s forecast calls for rain during my long weekend ride. I was already inclined to ride outdoors despite the weather, when my coach suggested that I do the same. I sincerely believe in training through any type of conditions, because you will never know what race day will bring you. How can you possibly hope to cope with foul race day weather, if you do not train and practice in it?

Going into this weekend, I had a very good reverse taper recovery week. I am starting to get back into my routine and the feeling of the endorphin rushes are coming back to me. I can already sense my mood starting to lift dramatically and I’ve been feeling much happier and productive. Tapering before and after races are real joy killers for me.

Contents of NY Post Article -


The Corcoran Group's top technology officer has just been hacked away by a rival real estate firm.

Corcoran's Chief Technology Officer, Charles Olson, will move to Prudential Douglas Elliman as its new CTO on May 4.

Olson, 39, who joined Corcoran in 2000, has been credited for making the Corcoran site one of the most user-friendly real estate Web addresses in the country.

"I'm looking forward to the change where I have a chance to be more entreprenurial," said Olson, who would not elaborate on the particulars of the move.

According to Olson's biography on the Corcoran Web site, he "built a solid reputation for his creative thinking outside the box."

But the bio also mentions that his adherence to a higher vision "keeps him awake most nights."

"One of the reasons why he decided to make the change is because he wanted to work in a private company where people that run the company can make the decisions quickly," said Elliman partner Howard Lorber, referring to Corcoran's corporate conglomerate owner, Cendant, that generally has the final word concerning its real estate offshoots.

Sources say Olson may be held to a non-compete clause in his Corcoran contract, and will have to work out of Elliman's Huntington, L.I. office for six months


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