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Thursday, April 21, 2005

The Art of War

I am so ready to begin my training for IMLP 2005. My body feels ready to go and my mind is ready for the challenges ahead. Now that I have my personal honor at stake with my friend and IM nemesis ST, I feel the desire to sequester myself in my training. I feel like retreating to the mountains on my own like Rocky Balboa in the epic classic Rocky IV. I plan to emerge from the mountains hungrier, leaner and meaner and a more complete Triathlete.

As this Iron War approaches I know I will emerge from it victorious. I plan on saving nothing for after the finish. I will lay it all on the starting line at Lake Placid and yield all my strength into the race over the course of the day. I know my enemy and I know myself; I do not fear the battle ahead. ST can not hope to compete with that. He fears putting it all on the line. He will back off from the pain and discomfit to allow himself to fight another day. I will embrace it. I will relish it and allow it to make me stronger. The feelings of pushing myself further and faster than ever before will be a treat as fine as the sweet nectar of the gods.

After the race I will look with joyful contentment at the IV bag dripping into my arm should that prove necessary. I will know that I left it all out on the course and I did the best I could possibly do. ST doesn’t stand a chance.


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