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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Winter, its the New Summer

Winter is the new Summer, at least according to the temperatures as of late. It was over 70 degrees on Saturday, which made me actually feel hot. For the hell of it I took my son outside with his magnifying glass to see if we could light a piece of paper on fire.

Unfortunately it was raining Saturday morning so instead of riding in the warm summer temps, I rode on my trainer in the basement. I didn’t have time in the afternoon after it cleared up since I was having company over the house and I needed to get the place cleaned up and ready. Besides riding, I also got in a swim at the Dodge YMCA while my kids took their swim lessons. The pool was really crowded at this time and only two lanes were open for lap swimming. Both of them were filled with swimmers that moved with a zombie like pace. It wasn’t the optimal situation for a swim workout, but at least I got it in. I did spend some time with my son outside throwing a ball around, including trying to throw it over our roof from the front of the house to the back. On one of the throws, the ball didn’t make it over, necessitating a trip onto the roof. The roof was bathed by the full force of the sun and it was literally hot on it.

Today I ran with my friend Larry down to the Red Hook track. We wanted to recalibrate our Polar 625x heart rate monitors. It was nice to venture out of Prospect Park once again. To test our calibration procedures, we ran 1600 meters to first see how inaccurate it was, then 1600 to calibrate it and the 2x1600 to test the accuracy – once in miles and the other in meters. The calibrated distance was a few hundredths off what it should have been. I am going to blame that on not running exactly along the lines on which a 400 meter track is measured.

We finished running by 11am and then it was off to my son’s basketball practice. The head coach for our basketball team could not make it today and the other coaches looked to me to start leading off the practice. I guess they felt that since I am into Triathlon, I would be good with warming up exercises, stretching and calisthenics. I haven’t warmed up or stretched before a workout in years and the last time I did calisthenics I was 10 years old. Hopefully our head coach will be back next week, because if these kids need to rely on me to teach them how to play basketball, they are going to be some terrible basketball players.

That’s it for the day. My wife took the kids to a roller skating birthday party and I got to sit at home with my in-laws watching the NY Jets lose to the NE Patriots. My in-laws are over for some reason today cooking a turkey in my oven. I have no idea why.


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