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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Ravings and Rantings

I hate the building in which I have to work everyday. It is completely ugly and depressing. Everything about it is geared to make you miserable. Outer offices are plagued by the incessant noise from the street below and the internal offices, like mine have windows that face inside the block and are surrounded by all of the buildings around it. You would never know if it was sunny or cloudy outside even if you could see through the grime encrusted windows. Actually, I don’t even have windows that face this middle of the block limbo, but rather a window that looks out onto the seating area that has a view if it.

Now that it is winter and the heat is on, we get an extra special bonus for working in this building – static electricity. The building is plagued with it. You can’t touch a metal surface without getting zapped. I can be feet away from something metal and the built up charge will arc over that distance giving you a zap worthy of bringing Frankenstein to life. The elevators are such a pleasure. They have the heat sensitive buttons and only activate by the tough of your bare skin. In other words, if you are wearing gloves you must take them off in order to press the button for your floor, thereby guaranteeing a shock as soon as you walk into the building.

At least things in my area of the building are getting interesting. They are demolishing the building next door, so I am treated to the incessant pounding of jackhammers as they slowly knock the building down. And when I say next door, I mean it. The building is right up against the wall of my office. My desk vibrates from all of the noise. Just beyond my office are windows that overlook the deconstruction site. We setup a “demo” cam to broadcast the demolition to our computer monitors. At least I can see my tormentors. Maybe one day my wall will accidentally be knocked away and I’ll be left sitting there overlooking a gapping chasm.

The building even tortures you in the bathroom. There is absolutely no ventilation causing the men’s room to stink all the time of everyone’s dumps. It can be quite putrefying and petrifying at times. Today while taking a dump a building maintenance worker peaked over the top of the stall door to hand me a roll of toilet paper. I was sitting there all comfortable reading a book and listening to my iPod when he scared the crap out of me. Why he felt I needed toilet paper I am not sure since there were already 5 rolls inside the stall.

While I am on a bitching and moaning fest, I may as well make a comment about the new Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0. I don’t know if it is possible for Microsoft to make a bigger piece of shit. The menu bars are all fucked up and can’t be placed in any sort of configuration that makes sense. Plus all of the commands and toolbars are located differently causing you to have to go through a big learning curve to figure it all out. If you are thinking of upgrading don’t or go to Firefox if you want that tabbed browsing feature.

Maybe I am irritable because I didn’t work out this morning. I am still having trouble getting up early in the morning. Most likely because I have been watching too much TV at night. After watching several weeks of CSI (various versions), Law and Order, etc, I think I have had enough. The shows are really nothing so good that I should be getting to bed late and blowing off working out. It is time I started to focus again and get back into my old routines. I think I’ll be much happier once I do.


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