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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Thanksgiving 2006

I am bored right now so I am going to try to amuse myself with making a blog entry for the past few days. On Turkey Day I ran in the Turkey Trot race held in Prospect Park. It was a cold and rainy day, but everyone’s spirits seemed to be high despite the foul weather. Larry and his family picked me up in the family car and drove to the start. It was the first time I drove to a race start in the park ever. It was a strange feeling.

We hung out in the skating rink concession area before the race in order to stay out of the cold. We ran into Larry’s friends Willy and Van and just bullshitted a bit before the race. Fortunately, the rain seemed to be holding up for the start of the race and stayed that way for the length of time it took me to run it. I started out with Larry in the beginning, but was feeling good and started to run away from him with a couple of miles remaining.

I started running sub-8’s after the 3rd mile and by the last mile I ran a sub-7. Towards the finish someone passed me, but I just couldn’t abide by that so I sped up and ran by him. My coach told me to take it easy for this race, but I felt good and felt like running fast for a least a little while. I finished in 39:17, which I guess shouldn’t be considered slow since I had just run 50 miles 5 days ago.

After the race we all headed to Farrell’s for a post race celebration. It was a good time, with some good company and some good beer. Larry and I talked about some future endurance races we could do. He got me thinking about a double Ironman held in Virginia during October. I started to do research about it at the first chance I had. It sounds like a nice race to have on my resume as I start building one for entry into the Badwater 135 at some point in the future.

On Friday I was scheduled to only run 2 miles, but I felt like going longer. I felt like what was the point of going out to only run two miles, especially when it was such a nice day outside. My daughter joined me on her bike and we leisurely went through Prospect Park. Along the way, we ran into Todd and chatted for a few minutes. We took a break from the run to spend some time by the water fall near the Audubon Center. My daughter climbed over and around it while I rested on the side in the sun. Normally, I would prefer to just keep going, but I was suddenly feeling a little tired and felt satisfied just to hang out for a while. After our run, we went back home, changed, ate and then the entire family headed into the East Village to do some shopping. My son for some reason wanted to purchase a spiked punk rock bracelet. We finally found one after walking in a few stores where he paid for it with his own money.

Today I did another run with my daughter. It was another perfect day to be outside. I felt much better than yesterday and we easily completed 4 miles together. While in the park, Larry had passed us on his bike. He said he was going to be in the park for a while so I decided to join him after I dropped my daughter off. She was headed to a friend’s house for a sleepover and my son was on his way to Kung Fu. It was the perfect opportunity to get away for a ride. I quickly found Larry in the park and we rode together for 23 miles. I could have and should have stayed out longer. I was feeling really good and it was a shame not to take advantage of it a little longer.

I spent the remainder of the day not doing much of anything. My son had his cousins come by for a sleepover and he played with them for most of the day. I sat around bored, watching TV and contemplating what my next race should be. I really have no idea and the lack of something to focus on is really bugging me.


Blogger Janice said...

I hate not having goals. You feel like you're just drifting along without focus. I've set mine for the spring. Once I'm past this cough I need to really work on getting there. Good luck setting your goals. Yours are MUCH longer/higher than mine:)

10:05 AM  

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