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Friday, October 06, 2006

Every Freaking Friday

Every freaking Friday, I can count on it like clockwork; a major crisis will develop in my office. I’ve gotten to the point where I no longer worry about it happening; because I can be assured that it will occur. Perhaps I should just start taking Fridays off. Avoid the whole crisis business from the start. I now find it more amusing than anything else. Fortunately, we figured out a creative solution for this week’s problem and I was able to get out of my office without too much delay.

I am on the subway now and sitting opposite me is a mother who just smacked her baby. She has done it twice so far. The second time a couple of people saw it and I shared a look with the woman seated next to me. It is a cute little kid and this woman has a scowl on her face as if to say “How da fuck did I wind up having to take care of a baby”. Oh that’s nice; she just fed him some candy. Nothing like a nutritious snack for a growing child.

My foot is feeling a little better today. I am going to try it out tomorrow morning and see how it feels. I am not too worried about it as I always have amputation as an option. The miserable thing about Plantar Fasciitis is that you can’t work through it. Give me some good ole’ fashion shin splints, now that’s some good pain that I can run through.

Amazing how I am still hungry all of the time even though I haven’t trained in 3 days. It is also amazing at how out of shape I feel in that same short time. I wonder what I will do if I have to take a long layoff. G-d I am hungry. Maybe I’ll go ask the abusive mother for some of her candy.


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