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Monday, September 18, 2006

Salty Night Air

So I got my run in this evening. I discovered a perfect night when I exited the subway and I just decided that I would be a fool to give up the opportunity to run in it. I didn’t take long to exit my front door once I entered my house. I had my running gear with me as I walked in and I literally striped off my suit and tie, changed into my running clothes and headed out the door.

It is much different running in Prospect Park at night as opposed to the early morning. One of the first differences you notice is that you hear so many crickets from the surrounding woods. It gives the park an almost peaceful feeling; that’s if you can block out the sounds of sirens and car horns emanating from outside it. The park is also a bit more crowded with other night inclined exercisers. This included many cyclists whose flickering headlamps gave off the appearance of fireflies at night.

I was supposed to do an active recovery run, but instead I just ran the pace my body felt like taking me. I ran around a 7:50 pace which seemed to come out of my legs rather easily. I enjoyed the night air which had a salty smell to it like the ocean. We are supposed to have stormy weather tomorrow, so perhaps the wind is carrying in the salty air.

I am glad I got my run in. I don’t feel like such a lazy bum now. Let’s see if I wake up for my bike ride.


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