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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Blew It Off

Today was a scheduled 20 miler. The plan was to do it between my son and daughter’s soccer game. I asked my daughter to join me and she said she would. I told her I needed to go 6 loops around the park, but that she could go for as many as she wanted. If she wanted to come home, then I would bring her back and go out again. I've found that to get the best results with her wanting to do this, I have to let her do it for as much and as easily as she wants.

While I like going for a run with my daughter beside me on her bike, perhaps I should limit it to the days that don’t require me to go long. I need to let her take a break when we do much more than a loop and the starting and stopping is not conducive to getting into a good rhythm. As it turned out, she only wanted to go around with me twice. I took her home, which then required me to haul her bicycle back down our basement stairs. Around this time my stomach was acting up and I felt the urge to go to the bathroom. By the time I finished, I was cooled off, stiffening and no longer in the mood to run. I just bailed out on it, ate breakfast and played with my kids on our front stoop. I felt bad about blowing off a long workout, but at that moment I really enjoyed being able to eat breakfast and just hanging out with my kids. There will be many more opportunities to run 20 miles, but not some many days to hang around outside on a perfect fall day.

Perhaps if I didn’t have stomach trouble I would have gone back out. I need to make sure that in the future, I don’t eat shredded wheat at any time before a workout. That’s what I ate over 3 hours earlier, but I guess it sat like a rock in my guts and caused me all sorts of trouble once I started to run.

I did get some supplemental running in later in the day. We needed a referee at my daughter’s soccer game and I volunteered for the job. I must have run at least a couple of miles while chasing the girls and the ball up and down the field. In retrospect, perhaps it was a good thing I didn’t run 20; otherwise I may have been too tired or really hurting for my refereeing job.


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