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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Not much has changed since the last time I’ve been to Asphalt Green. The only difference I could tell were some security warning stickers pasted on the inside of the locker doors. I half expected bats to fly out of my personal locker though, since it has been months from the last time I opened it.

Today I swam with a friend who is an excellent swimmer( and parallel parker) and pointed out some flaws in my stroke. Nothing too major was found; maybe a lacking of hip rotation and a tendency to kick too much. I think realistically, the most major flaw I have with my swimming stroke is not using it enough. How can I be fast in the water if I don’t get in it often enough – that includes time for exiting the pool to pee. Better I stay more efficient and do it in the pool?

So in short for the day I rode 12 miles into the city, swam 2500 yards and ride 12 miles home. Not bad for an easy training day. I will have to do this again soon


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