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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Guy on the Corner

Just about everyday I go into my office I see this same guy standing on the corner of my office building. What’s more remarkable than the fact he is there everyday, is the fact that he is wearing the same clothes, ratty vest and kangaroo pouch every time. Now that is what I call keeping up with a routine. How he keeps them stinking is beyond me. Perhaps I will start a photo blog of him and post a picture for everyday I see him.

Seeing him everyday in the same spot reminds me of the time I used to regularly ride my bike to Breezy Point every morning. I did this right through the winter when the conditions in this area were cold and barren. Every morning around 5:15 am I would see this woman walking down a desolate stretch of road heading for a bus stop. You could tell there was something wrong with her by her lumbering pace. She walked slow and steadily and I got the feeling she was on her way to work and had to leave early because she had some sort of tremendous commute ahead of her. You could just tell she didn’t drive. We passed and saw each other for months. Seeing her was something I could always count on. I wondered if she thought the same thing about me and if she ever noticed when I stopped following this bicycle routine.

I meant to get out of my office for a walk in the middle of the day, but it was not to happen. Such a shame I couldn’t get out and enjoy such a perfect day. I heard from my friend Larry though and we made a date to ride this evening in Prospect Park. Hopefully, I will get to see the moon rise and shine like it did last night.

But first I have to make it home on the subway. This time I didn’t delay my exit from work by going to the bathroom first. I still just missed the train and the next one took forever to arrive. Go figure.


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