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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

School is in Session

Fall is officially here. The kids have started school and the weather is turning cool in the morning. I woke up around 5am feeling chilled from the breeze coming in my window and all I wanted to do was roll over and go back to sleep. I didn’t see how it was possible that I would get up and do a 24 mile bike ride this morning. Was there ever a day when I would eagerly jump out of bed to do a workout. I know there was a time, but it seems so long ago I can’t remember it.

I let myself flop around my bed until 5:45am. That is when I finally decided that I may as well try to make myself do the workout. I checked my email quickly, grabbed a water bottle, inflated my tires and made it out the door just past 6:10am. I had to wear a long sleeve jersey because I would have been too cold without it.

I didn’t remember where I put the light colored lenses for my Rudy Projects so I wore my regular eyeglasses. It was too dark outside to wear them with the colored lenses. It’s such a pain in the ass to bike ride with them since I look out over the top of the lenses when I am in the aero position. I get this split image with the top blurry and the bottom clear when I lookout onto the road. Or I get the bottom blurry and the top clear when I look down at my cycle computer.

While riding I noticed that someone tied a yellow ribbon around a large tree. The song “Tie a Yellow Ribbon” began to play over and over in my mind. It was quite annoying. I wonder which situation most people would find more annoying; having a song trapped in your head or having to clean up the dead rabbit that I saw along the Prospect Park loop. The poor rabbit must have been struck by a car as it lay dead in the road right on the painted line that separates the bike lane from the traffic lane. Its red blood was a stark contrast to the white line as it flowed down it on a slight incline. I think I would rather have to clean up the rabbit. At least once the cleanup is done its over, whereas the song may remain in my mind all day long.

Ugh, I am feeling hot, sweaty and nauseous right now. At least I have a seat on the subway. I got it just before the train was delayed in the station due to a sick passenger. If I didn’t have a seat, I am sure I would have been carried off the train as well. I don’t know why I am feeling sick now, I felt pretty good when I got off my bike. I usually feel better after a workout and I am always glad I forced myself to do them even though beforehand I just want to lie in bed. Maybe I am feeling awful because I feel restricted around my neck now that I am wearing a tie again for work. Summer is over and it is back to the old dress uniform. Maybe if I win the lottery I’ll show up for my last day at work wearing my tri clothes all sweaty from a workout.

I need a haircut. I haven’t had one since before IMLP. I have SOS this coming weekend and I always like to have my hair short before a race. I will have to try to find time this week to make it to my barber. I rode pretty good today so I am feeling confident that I will have a good race.


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