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Thursday, January 12, 2006


I’ve done some renovations to my blog as you can see. I now have an Ironman USA Lake Placid countdown clock, as well as relocated my Feedblitz subscriber button. I’ve added more stuff to my profile to tell fans a bit more about me.

Credit for the Ironman countdown clock goes out to “Bolder in Boulder”. His blog contained helpful helpful instructions for how to put it on my page. Thank you very much. I also snagged the code from his page to display the weather. Now everyone can see what sort of day I am training through.

I am also debating on using my domain name runnyc.com for the hosting of my blog, rather than relying on the runnyc.blogspot.com address. My original thoughts concerning runnyc.com was to make an Athlete’s community website, but the time and resources to accomplish such a thing is taking much too long and costing too much to do so. I think I may abandon that plan and just use the address for my blog. Much like Wil of Through Th3 Wall, just started doing with her blog.

I am also attempting to renovate my mind (brain). Or perhaps it is more of just an early spring cleaning (this statement seems oddly déjà vu, I am going to have to see if I wrote something like this before). I need to clear out all of the negative thoughts and emotions that have been weighing me down as of late and rediscover my drive, focus and passion. Much like a house is reborn and beautified after all of the years of stagnant old paint has been scrapped away. I need to know down a few mental walls and open up the space in my mind.

To that end, I got a jump on my training this morning. This is in spite of the fact that I got in late last night after I night of bowling and drinking with my coworkers. The bowling was fun, but I definitely felt like the old man of the group. It warmed my heart though to know that while they were most likely sleeping it off during the twilight hours, I was awake and in my basement pounding out an 80 minute bike followed by a 40 minute run – All before 7am. The workout was immensely pleasing and for some reason I had no trouble with my get up and go this morning.

So I will continue my renovations. Hopefully – no strike the hopefully – More good renovations will soon come on my blog and my mind as well. I may as well try to have a positive outlook – its such a happy color, but very tough to apply.


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