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Friday, December 30, 2005

Lot's of Workouts

I am too tired to make a blog entry. I went to bed late last night (around 10pm) and woke up at 2am with a splitting headache. So I got out of bed, took two Excedrin, drank a pre workout meal and went back to bed. This allowed me to rest somewhat peaceably until 4am when I got up to prepare for the day’s workouts.

Today I rode 22 miles, did an hour worth of strength training, swam 2500 meters and ran 7 miles, so it’s little wonder why I am tired. All of this is base training, where my goal is just to get my volume up. I suspect that 2006 will bring lot’s more volume compared to my training in 2005, but that is ok. If that’s what it takes to make the grade, then so be it.

So I am off to bed. Only one more workout left to do for 2005. It may be tough to get in. My kids are having a sleep over and I suspect I’ll be called upon to cook pancakes and generally be available in the morning.


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