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Friday, December 23, 2005


I think my mother-in-law would have made a good endurance athlete. Even though she was never athletic, never participated in sports and never really showed any interest, I still think she would have been suited for endurance athletics.

Practically from the day I’ve met her, she has been looking towards retirement. It was all she would talk about. Then, finally, when the day arrived that she could retire, she decided that she would work another year or two. She has done this a couple of times already.

I know exactly why she does this. I do something like this on almost a regular basis. It is like when you are going for a run and you have completed your minimum goal for the training day, but it is so easy to continue to get the extra distance that you just keep going. Even though all you were to do is a certain distance, once you accomplished that goal, it is so easy to continue on. You can quit at any time, knowing you met you stated goal, but anything beyond that is extra bonus. This is what my mother-in-law is doing.

Sometimes we are forced into retirement; oftentimes through injury. I hope that won’t be the case for Matthew Long, the athlete I wrote about previously. I understand his injuries are extensive and I suspect that it will be a long time before he can make a comeback. I joined a ride of 25 athletes and Asphalt Green Tri Club members for a ride around Central Park as a vigil for Matt. He has many people pulling for him. It must be a great feeling to know you have so many people thinking of you.


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