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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

I Love the Transit Strike

I am crediting the Transit Strike with helping to kick my training back in gear. There is something about riding my mountain bike in cold wintry conditions through heavy traffic that just gets the adrenaline flowing. I felt oddly inspired today to wake up at 4:30am and pack all of my gear necessary to do a 2000 yard swim and a run 10k run at Asphalt Green and then make it to work. The cool crisp air was fantastic and felt great and the 10 mile ride to AG took only 43 minutes.

Due to the strike, many people were not in my office. This made it oddly quiet and allows me to have a fairly productive day. The hours passed by quickly enough and I started to look forward to my ride home. At around 4:30pm, I heard from a friend who worked only a couple of blocks away. He asked if I wanted to catch a couple of drinks before he began his commute home and I readily said yes. I figured I may as well carbo-load with some beer to have enough energy for the way home. We met at Paper Moon Restaurant and drank several Moretti beers.

I filled myself with the prerequisite calories needed to ride home and headed back to my office to change into my cycling gear. The traffic was very thick on the way home and I did a great deal of bobbing and weaving between cars. I love urban mountain biking. It is very exciting and I loved doing it with 100’s of others. Seeing so many cyclists out on the roads all making their way like they were on a single track trail reminded me of when I used to competitively mountain bike.

At the foot of the north side of the Manhattan Bridge, was a contingent from Transportation Alternatives offering encouragement, support, candy and stickers. I adorned my bike and helmet with a “Bike the Strike” sticker, downed a Snickers candy and then continued on my merry way. My total time home was 53 minutes, included TA pit stop. Still faster than any subway commute.


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