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Monday, December 12, 2005

Vector Calculus

I am watching a young, pretty girl do Vector Calculus while riding the F train home from work. The fact that she is a young and pretty girl and is writing off equations with apparent ease is very impressive and amazing. Personally, I had a difficult time in college once I got past remedial algebra. That’s actually not true, but I did find doing any sort of calculus harder than training for an Ironman.

This holds true for even now as I struggle to get my training back in focus. I just feel cold and tired and feel like sleeping through the winter. I wish I could plug in all of my variables into a Vector Calculus equation and see what the results would be. Variable x could be my current state of fitness, y could be my mental state, z could be the past few years of training and q can be the training I will do between now and Lake Placid.

If I could do that and see the results, then I would know what to expect next summer. Of course, that would change my mental state (for better or worse) and that would change the results altogether.

Tomorrow morning I am going to make a very concentrated effort to get myself to the pool. It is the last thing I feel like doing, so perhaps it is the first thing I need to do. There is nothing like getting the difficult stuff out of the way quickly so the rest of your tasks appear easy.


Anonymous Super Todd said...

I'm just sitting here listening to some Lightnin Hopkins (The Complete Alladin Recordings) what a great bluesman!

I love your entries like this and the one about the 10K. It shows me that you really are a sweet and sensitive guy and not the roughneck brooklyn boy out to crush the daylights out of his buddy Super Todd.

Get well soon so I can crush you in the Park (or Pool).


9:12 PM  

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