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Friday, December 16, 2005

Forcing the Commitment

Well, as I have discussed ad nauseam of late, about my lack of desire to swim, I now find myself as one sixth of a relay team for the 2006 Manhattan Island Marathon Swim. There is nothing like a large pending deadline ahead of you to motivate yourself into getting back into gear. Now that I have committed myself to being part of a MIMS team, I will have to get back into swimming form.

I volunteered to swim the portion through the Harlem River. This appears to be a particularly polluted and nasty stretch of water, but it looks very interesting from shore. I need to make sure I get some dosed of Cipro for before and after the event.

Really, I need to get myself motivated for all kinds of workouts. I’ve signed up for several events next year and I must get in shape for them. I tried to take off from working out yesterday, since I was tired from a holiday party the night (Wed.) before. However, my coach wouldn’t let me take off and told me to do whatever it takes to get a workout in. Mind you, this is before another party that I had yesterday (Thu.) evening. So I went to a nearby NYSC and rode on a spin bicycle for about 45 minutes, while listening to nothing and looking at 4 walls - Pure, unadulterated torture. At least I sweat out the toxins from the prior evening.

This morning I somehow managed to bang out 6 miles on my basement treadmill. I had to keep slowing down the pace in order for the effort to be comfortable. I suppose the difficulty came from once again drinking alcohol night before. Back to back parties are something my poor mind and body are not accustomed.

Maybe if I trained for a Beer Mile I would be able to have a few drinks at night and not feel like shit in the morning. Or maybe I am just getting old and decrepit.


Blogger Brooklyn said...

A beer mile, eh? Sounds like a good time.

4:20 PM  

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