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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Nuclear Material

I was just listening to the news while I am getting for my morning bike ride. Evidently, someone is making a stink about the government secretly checking mosques and other such places for nuclear material in the days following 9/11.

What is the big fucking deal? The government, as far as I am concerned can check for illicit nuclear material anytime, any day or any place they like. Hell, they can even come to my house in case the person who owned it before me was a terrorist.

Does anyone really think that the American people would have preferred to suffer a dirty bomb in order to preserve the rights of some radical extremist? At least the government was doing it secretly, in order to spare the feelings of those who may be insulted that they were search for nuclear material. Heck, if they found some, they may have prevented some innocents from getting cancer due to exposure.

So anyway I am off for my ride. Secretly, I will be looking for nuclear material or anything else that looks suspicious. Prospect Park does have some strange looking people and I will be checking them out closely; secretly of course.


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