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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Week of 2/26 – 3/3

Well, whatever malaise that came over me on Sunday, infected myself through Monday morning. My eyes didn’t open until after 7am, which was way too late to get in a morning working. The only good thing I had to look forward to later on the day was the NY Knick vs. Miami Heat later in the evening, which turned out to be a fine contest with the Knicks pulling out the game in the final 3 seconds.

Tuesday morning I was completely wasted. My body felt like a ton of bricks and I was stuck to my bed like a mouse in a glue trap. I was lucky to make it to work on time. I felt good enough in the evening for a run, but once again, I am trapped in this real estate class.

Wednesday - Did it even happen? I don’t remember a thing about Wednesday. Oh yeah, I did an easy 50 minutes on my bike in the cool darkness of my basement. And I had real estate class which went on forever. And the train on the way home didn’t want to arrive. When it finally did it was too crowded to get on. I waited another 25 minutes for it. I got home really late.

Thursday I slept late. I had no choice. I got to bed so late the previous night I was too tired to wake up. I drove my kids to school, then drove myself to Long Island for work. This meant I had to drive back home after work, only to head back into the Manhattan by subway to make the real estate class. I considered driving into Manhattan, but my wife needed the car that evening and I didn’t want to pay for parking.

Friday. I got in a comfortable 6 miles on my treadmill. It was nice to know I still can run. I thought I forgot how to do so. The day went by quickly enough and I headed straight home after work. I was supposed to swim, but I just wanted to go home early for a change after being out late all this week. I finished the night off by going to a friends house with my children, where we played a game of Monopoly. My daughter and I were one team, my son and friend’s son were another and the third team was my friend and his youngest son. I am happy to report that my daughter and I kicked ass.

It is now Saturday morning at 5:23am and I can’t sleep. What better time to make a blog entry than right now. I guess I could ride my bike in the basement, but I think it is going to be nice outside today. It would be refreshing to get outdoors with it today. I think that is what I am going to try to do. Maybe I’ll try to go back to sleep. I’ve only slept about 6 hours so far and I am an 8 hour kind of guy.


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