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Friday, February 16, 2007

Sitting on my Ass


For being an active person, I lead a very inactive life. I’ve spent the last two days sitting on my ass, which is certainly a bit worse off from the wear. I sat through two days of 4 hour company meetings and followed each meeting up with 3 hours of Real Estate Salesperson classes. Maybe I can get some cortisone shots in my butt cheeks to alleviate the pain.

The weather has been below freezing for the last week or so, which means I’ve been spending my time training indoors. There was a time when I’d go outside no matter how nasty the weather, but lately I just want the safety and comfort of my basement. I guess I’ve been out too many times in Prospect Park to find it interesting and instead have been captivated by my TV while working out. I suppose once the weather gets warmer and it is light out when I wake up, I’ll more easily find my way outdoors. For now I am content to wear nothing but a pair of shorts and work up a sweat indoors; even though it means I need to wipe up a small puddle every time I finish.

I am feeling a bit tired today and I fear it will be a struggle to wake up tomorrow morning. I’ve got the winter doldrums and just feel like hibernating. I guess I am going to have to challenge myself to keep going.


Well I woke up this morning to train, but my heart really wasn’t into it. My alarm clock woke me up which is a good sign that I am tired. Usually, I am up at least 30 minutes before it goes off. I still forced myself out of bed, stood around my kitchen debating whether or not I should go on my treadmill and finally decided to give it a try.

It was a major struggle. I ran just short of a mile at a slow pace of 6.5 miles per hour and was struggling badly. I decided to just end the torture and to go back to bed. I fell asleep almost instantly. Of course, when I woke up later on and started to get ready for work, I was feeling all depressed and out of sorts. If only I didn’t have to go to work, I could have slept in and did a run later. Now once again, I am stuck on my ass at this Real Estate class. Ugh.


I had another early morning meeting today, which combined with me getting in late last night from work, found me too tired to get up and workout this morning. I am not going to worry about it. I’ll get enough exercise this weekend when I go skiing with my family. It will be the first time that my kids will go skiing. It’s been many years since I have gone. Hopefully I won’t break my leg. At least I won't be sitting on my ass this weekend.


Blogger Janice said...

Have fun skiing! It's always good to get outside in the fresh air. I've been taking to the treadmill more often than usual. The conditions where I live are just nasty right now. I try and get outside when they're good though.

3:34 PM  
Blogger Faithful Soles said...

Great blog, and I really like how you tell it like it is. I'm a veteran of 16 marathons, including 3 Bostons, and I know that many days I feel just as you do about just not being able to get motivated, but somehow we do it. I am 47 and will be looking at your blog in the future because I would like to do an Ironman by the time I turn 50. If you get a chance, please visit my running web site, Faithful Soles. I have a categorized and searchable Running Blog Database on there and would appreciate it if you would link your blog to it. I already have quite a few other Ironman triathletes, ultra-runners and marathoners on there, as well as people of all other abilities and age groups. Thanks and good luck in your training.

6:22 PM  
Blogger Todd Colby said...

Charles! I miss you! We shall swim bike and run soon! Listen to me from my PUNK DAYS: (the story about it is up on my blog now...


8:58 PM  

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