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Monday, June 26, 2006

Ironman Fit

This morning I weighed myself for the first time in almost two months. The scale shows that my body is transforming into its Ironman configuration. Here is a comparison of my vital weight measurements:

These measurements were recorded with my Tanita Body Composition Monitor. It appears to be accurate and always gives me consistent results.

Another indication that I am getting Ironman fit is the fact that many of my clothes don’t fit me anymore. The waists are all too big, which means I have to bunch it up by cinching my belt very tight. It looks a little silly, but I am not going out to buy a new wardrobe or spend the money on tailoring my suits, only to have them get too tight in the fall and winter.

Physically, I think I am going to be fine for the race. I just need to complete my mental preparations. This year with almost all certainty, will be the last time I do Ironman Lake Placid; at least for a few years. Therefore, there will be no next year so I need to balance running a good race with pushing myself hard. Not so hard that I burn out too early and hard enough so that I push through the pain and make my body do what I want, even though my brain is telling me to stop. It is such a fine line between knowing you can do more, but just don’t want to push it and pushing so much, that you just can’t physically push anymore.

I know my children won’t be with me this year. This is definitely weighing on my mind. Running across the finish line with them is one of the greatest thrills of the race. I’ll have to know they are there with me in spirit. Besides, this will keep me from worrying about slowing down and letting another age grouper pass me at the finish to take my Kona slot. Only 27 days remain.


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