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Saturday, May 07, 2005

Last Days

Thursday was my last day off before starting my new job. I took two weeks off between jobs. The time off was great while it lasted. I could really get into living the life of a fulltime Triathlete. Wake up late, do a workout, eat, nap, do another workout, eat, play with my children, write, read, eat, watch TV, sleep. It is an existence for which I was born. I just have to figure out a way to make it pay well.

For the day, I did my first Brick workout post IMAZ. I felt pretty good and had a good session. Here are the stats: Bike: 25M in 1:17:00 Run Distance 3.1M in 26:00

Friday was the last day before my 40th birthday. Starting with my next race, I will be one of the youngest people in the 40 - 44 Age Group. It will be nice to have an advantage.

I am not sure where Friday’s workout came from, as I thought I was tired. A 1 mile warm-up and then increased the pace until I reached between 85-90 percent HR. It took a while to get above 85%, but once I did I was able to hold it. I wasn't sure for a while that I could get above 85%, so I was pleasantly surprised when I did. I didn't think I had that type of effort in me today.

After about 5.5 miles at 85%+ effort, I kind of had enough. I took the last 1.5 miles relatively easy at 78%.

I definitely got something going on in my lower abdominals. I can now pinpoint the muscle. Possibly a groin muscle? I will have to get a doctor to check it out. It doesn't affect my running, but I definitely feel it.

Here are the run stats:
Time: 1:02:20
Hr: 153/168
Lap Splits: 2.8M - 22:40, 2.5M - 17:52, 2.5M - 19:51, .3M - 1:59

Today is my 40th birthday. I am going to celebrate it by driving up to Harriman State Park and ride 100 miles worth of hills in the rain and wind. I couldn’t get anyone to join me in this endeavor. I will have to train very hard so I inflict so much pain upon myself that I don’t think about getting lonely. I am sure I won’t see many other people with the foul weather.


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