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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Afternoon Delight

Well I finally got my first long run of the season. Yes, I know I’ve done a marathon and two 50k’s this year, but this was my first long training run – Approximately 20 miles inside Prospect Park. I did it on Friday afternoon, taking advantage of my summer work hours in which we get out of the office by 1pm. This was also my first run of any quality since I returned from Alcatraz. I guess I am finally over the hump of whatever was afflicting me causing anything over 2 miles to be impossible. It sure beat the run I had earlier this week in which I went out with my daughter. I was walking after the first mile, but fortunately, my daughter was with me and she kept offering encouragement to me to keep going. Maybe I can have her ride alongside me at IMLP for when times get tough.

At the start of my 20 miler, I ran into Todd. He was in the park doing his weekly 100 miler. We had talked earlier in the week, in which he wanted our friend Rob’s telephone number to let him know he could get him a spot at the NYC Triathlon through his store Jackrabbit (www.jackrbt.com). When he told me that, I said really, perhaps I will take one of those spots instead of doing IMLP. An Olympic distance race would be no problem. Todd was disappointed to hear that I was considering bailing out of IMLP. I gave him Rob’s phone number and told him I would think about it and call him back if I decided to take the spot. Well I didn’t call him back and I am not sure why.

Anyway, after I said hello to Todd, he continued his ride and I went on for my run. I’d see him a few more times as he circled the park. On one of those times Todd gave me the Ironman wave (middle three fingers bent, thumb and pinky sticking out) as he passed me on the bike. That served to remind me of the Ironman lifestyle one lives as they train for an Ironman. Swim, run, bike, eat, sleep and do it all over again. I need to get back to basics and start living that way again. Of course, for me it will be more like swim, bike, run, play with the kids - baseball, soccer, etc. and then sleep. I just need to do it and remember I am having fun doing so.


Blogger Todd Colby said...

It was indeed good seeing you running (and smiling) out in the park on Friday...

You're right: it's got to be fun.

9:27 PM  

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