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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Monkey Off My Back

Perhaps I will be able to focus more on my training now that I have gotten a giant monkey off my back. A long delayed and problematic work project has finally launched which is a tremendous relief. A great weight has been lifted from my shoulders and I can finally concentrate on other items.

I managed to get in my workouts for the past 3 days. Monday evening was an easy 3 mile run in which my children accompanied me on their bikes. My legs felt pretty good and better than they have in weeks. We went out to Prospect Park and played a game of Cave Monster after we circumnavigated the loop. Cave Monster is a game where I yell at the kids “Back to Cave” and make them stay/hide in a designated spot; usually under a tree or some other partially enclosed area. They wait for me to look away and then run away from the spot whereby I have to chase them back into the spot all the while yelling Back to Cave!

Tuesday morning I did an easy 4 mile run. I was supposed to meet my friend Chris, but he was running late, so I did the loop by myself until I ran into him coming from the other direction when I only had a mile left. We stayed together for the last mile and talked about the project I was launching at work later that day. I expressed how I feared it might not go well, but he left me with the thought that it could also be a tremendous success. I went into the day trying to keep that positive thought in mind.

This morning I swam 1530 yards in the Red Hook Municipal Pool. I felt extremely sluggish; almost as though I forgot how to swim. It was annoying but I stuck with it and did the scheduled distance. Usually the water is nice and cool, but today it felt very warm. I guess the recent heat wave has warmed the pool a lot. It’s hardly something that I would feel like lounging in to beat the heat.

The one concession I am making to myself while going to work the last couple of days is to ditch my tie. I just don’t see suffering through the abuse of wearing a buttoned up shirt and tie in 100 degree heat. I don’t actually feel like I am suffering too badly from the heat, but then again I’ve spent most of my time indoors and my workouts have been hardly strenuous. Maybe I’ll take a walk during lunch to get a feel for the predicted hottest day of the year.


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